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Friday, July 20, 2012

A Sweet Donation from C’est Bon Bon for GHRD Project

In the mid of the economic crisis of 2009, we opened C’est Bon Bon ­– a luxury confectionary store. Well, it took a lot of guts to begin this undertaking. We created a beautiful store from scratch with a loyal customer base. We united the best confectioners and pastry bakers from around The Hague in one store. Our store offers a great variety of goodies. Besides delicious bonbons, we also sell pastries, diverse chocolate truffles and luxurious Portuguese wine.


When we opened the store, we (my colleague Mukti Ramautarsing and I) realised that we had the responsibility towards society. In this sense, we were on a mission to find a good cause – a good cause that we supported a full 100%. Luckily, we did not have to search for a long time, because Mukti’s sister worked for GHRD. Of all GHRD’s projects, we believed that the Back to School Bali project suited us the most. Our customers agreed with us, given the amount of donations!


In the mean time, Mukti ensured that we had a collection box with the text of the project on our store’s counter. I had agreed with Mukti that we would also contribute to the project, in addition to our customers’ donation. In the end, our customers contributed around 190 Euros, which we raised by 60 Euros to make an end donation of 250 Euros. We hope that with this money more children will go back to school so that they can fulfill their dreams through a proper education!!

Two weeks ago, we contacted GHRD with the message that we had raised a nice amount of money for them. The response of GHRD was super! They were extremely happy with the amount. Subsequent to our conversation we scheduled an appointment to hand over the money.

On July 19th 2012, two employees from GHRD came to our store to present us a lovely certificate, which thanks our customers and us for our contribution. Of course, we will give the certificate an honourable spot in our store.

GHRD has won our hearts with their warm response. We hope that we are able to donate another lovely amount to them the next time.
Written by Sen Raumatar, Owner of C’est Bon Bon.
Besides running his luxury confectionary store, he is also consultant for TNT Post in The Hague.

Visit C’est Bon Bon here:
Nathaliegang 128
2719 CS Zoetermeer
The Netherlands

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