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Friday, February 22, 2013

Uniting against War Crimes

Shabag square in Dhaka. Photo by

Bangladeshis have taken to the streets demanding the death sentence for former general Abdul Kader Mullah, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for his war crimes committed during the liberation war in 1971. The protests have not only lasted since the 5th of February, but have gone viral on Twitter using #shabag. As in the Arab Spring, the Bangladeshi are making use of the internet as a tool to spread their message, the protests on shabagh square in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, have gained supporters worldwide.

In London supporters have gathered and protested but have faced attacks just as their counterparts in Bangladesh, where according to media reports over 14 people have been killed.

GHRD as a human rights organization recognizes the importance of the war trials as a means of breaking the pattern of impunity in Bangladesh, as highlighted in a GHRD researched documentary: "Culture of Impunity: Bangladesh"

At the same time GHRD maintains that due process is crucial in order to achieve reconciliation, and the death penalty is a breach of international law and as such should never be implemented.

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