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Friday, May 31, 2013

Focus on Human Rights, Part 1: An Overview

Hey everyone!
This week we present to you the first part of a four-part video series on human rights. We at GHRD are very excited about this series as it manages to be both concise as well as very informative, and  - dare we say it? - also fun to watch.  And while not everything can be covered in the 8 minute segments of this series, we believe that they are a very powerful tool for knowledge. This first video is an overview clip, presenting the history of human rights development, the role of NGOs and some of the controversies that are associated with the field. The three parts that will follow cover the three dimensions of human rights, specifically 1) Civil & Political Rights, 2) Economic, Social & Cultural Rights, and 3) Collective Rights, so look forward to those in future posts. For now, without further ado, an overview of human rights and their history:

For this project, we thank WissensWerte and Edeos for making these videos creative commons, thus serving to raise human rights awareness for a wider audience, enabling the acquisition of knowledge for the public and promoting relevant discourse.

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