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Monday, July 7, 2014

Youth in Action in Spain: Get Transnational!

At the end of June, GHRD’s European Volunter Service (EVS) volunteer, Barbara Mojzes attended a Youth in Action training programme in Spain, targeting transnational youth initiatives within the new Erasmus+ Programme. 

The training organized by Spanish National Agency and took a place in Cercedilla; a picturesque Spanish village just a half an hour ride to Madrid. 24 participants representing various organisations from all around Europe, Turkey and even Nigeria guaranteed the diversity of opinions and perspectives during the whole week.

 The priority of the seminar was to promote European projects through transnational youth initiatives within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme and to establishing platforms for people who are interested in developing youth initiatives focusing on entrepreneurship.

Our trainers were experts on non-formal education and working methods, as all of the training sessions involved games, energizers, simulations and amusing exercises, which created a positive and cheerful atmosphere for further fruitful cooperation.  

In the very beginning of the training, participants got an opportunity to present their organisations and activities during the Project and NGO market. The session gave us an overview of organisations’ focus areas and their capacities. Since the core aim of the training programme was to establish transnational collaboration among various NGOs and set up projects (transnational youth initiatives) that are suitable for future realization.

One of my best memories is definitely the international night organized  during the first evening we spent in Cercedilla. The aim of the night was to present your own traditional cuisine. We had so much fun while tasting various (and sometimes peculiar) foods and drinks from Latvia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, UK, Spain, France, Turkey and the Netherlands.

Following four days of intensive training and project management, we spent a pleasant afternoon in Madrid; the amazing Spanish capital that never sleeps. The timing was perfect since we all needed  some rest and inspiration during the last days of our great journey. So, we enjoyed the sightseeing led by local hosts and delicious dinner as much as possible.

It was not always easy to work with people with different cultural backgrounds and views, but I wanted to cherish this multicultural environment to the fullest. I mean what a boring and dull world it would be without this incredible diversity. Wouldn't you agree?

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