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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little Stop for a Piece of Whipped Cream Heaven

When we look back to Youth in Action week,  there are tons of memories printed on Justyna's photos thanks to her passion for  photography. Let us introduce her. Justyna Waruszewska, 23 year old  graduate student from Poland. She is doing her master's in management .At the moment Justyna is getting for her one year adventure in France to continue her studies there. Justyna takes pleasure in travelling,  meeting new cultures and learning languages. She speaks English, French and German, also her dedication to pick up Dutch words as soon as she step foot in Netherlands was laudable. This is her experience during Youth in Action, enjoy!

Saturday August 18, 2012

I have already spent in Delft four wonderful days. I like this town because of the atmosphere and interesting architecture. People in Netherlands are friendly, cheerful and open. I have a feeling that I could even live in this lovely town.  

Yesterday, I visited The Hague. We have spent there almost all day and we were sightseeing the city centre. I had the opportunity to see the Queen's Palace and municipality building - Stadhuis. At the lunch time we went to the Will's pancake house. The owner of the restaurant welcomed us very warmly, he recommended the speciality of this place, which are called poffertjes with strawberries and whipped cream. It tasted very nice and it was the first chance to taste traditional Dutch food.

Today I attended the presentation of the Turkish participants about racism and xenophobia. Those two topics were very interesting for me, because there are not really that often a subject of debates in Poland. 

During this Youth In Action project I have participated in presentation about my country - Poland and I have seen other national groups' presentations about their own countries. I also took part in many other activities. Tomorrow our polish group will have a presentation about age discrimination. It's going to be an interesting day.

Are you curious about this Dutch delicacy, poffertjes? Here is the recipe; how to make pancake puffs:

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