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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Who Will Save The World Now?

Let's build our world again...Are we competitors working against each other or is the world's future in the hand of cooperation and mutual understanding? These questions were in the Youth's mind when a tall guy with a witty look in his eyes said: "You cannot build your factory there!" The words we heard from Aron van Wiljk during the Perspectivity Game, a game that conveyed the message of sustainable growth. 

Aron is another Dutch participant of the Youth in Action. If you ask Aron what he liked the most about the Youth in Action and GHRD projects he would say: "The people, they are all so kind and nice!" Aron is 19 years old, currently he is studying pedagogical youth care work.  However in the future he would like to continue his education in the field of economics, management or law. Aron is in the Youth Council of Delft (JOUWDELFT), he is actively participating and conducting several projects such as a research about safety among youngsters who are looking for homes or organising a Youth Conference in November. Aron likes to read, learn, discuss politics, religion and philosophy. He also likes to play sports and enjoy biking when the weather is niceLet see what are his thoughts on this interesting game, the Perspectivity Game.
Monday 20th of August 2012

The Perspectivity Game

This game was about the way we see our future – perspective.  We split up the group and play with teams of two youngsters. facilitator from the Perspectivity Network gave us a the rules of the game. We started the game by not knowing what the numbers on the board meant. Every team was representing a country that wanted to expand their economy by building factories. Some factories gave pollution and others don’t, but the non-pollution factory was far more expensive than the factory that caused pollution. All the pollution in the world caused disasters which hit certain factories (hit by number of the dice). After a few rounds we could discuss with the other teams about what to do against the disasters. Our group decided to built non-pollution factories. After that decision we weren’t hit by any environmental crisis. The goal of the game was to revenue points (every factory is counted as one point). Competing with the other teams and the other half of the group.  The other group didn’t made a change and continued building factories that caused pollution, they got hit by several crisis, they didn’t managed to develop their own country and by that, the whole world.
Conclusion of this game? It’s a fun game, communication works, we’re all sharing this world so we should solve problems, together, at the same time.

The Perceptivity game makes you change the way you see, how to behave or act in any kind of development. The game is made by a non-profit organization and known all over the world. Even several of big companies and universities played it. If you are interested in the game check out the website for more information

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